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2020 Rosé

It can start with a gentle brush of the cheek, it can happen in an instant but continues to grow deeper with every passing second. In that moment, it’s the madness in our eyes that we will forever remember. Sometimes you just know…

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2019 Dry Riesling

Where it originated, we aren’t sure. It’s often only whispered as the cold shoulder or the silent treatment. But that’s only a small part of the story. It is the crisp, dry humor that helps balance out the intensity in all our relationships, making us love it the most.

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2019 Shiraz

A time capsule. A fortunate meeting. A kiss. Family. Every story is different, each chapter unique. The tone has been set, meet our hero. Immerse yourself in this time and place and continue the journey.

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2016 Semi-sweet Riesling

Sweet Jane reminds us of sharing good times with good friends; sunny days and green fields. With hints of mandarin zest and notes of apple blossom, this elegant wine has lovely sweet finish.

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2017 Merlot

Every crime has an accomplice. You know who you are, but don’t worry you shall remain nameless. Usually hidden in the background, it is your turn to take the stand. Smooth and subtle, your only crime is making great wine.

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