An exciting mixed medium exhibition featuring 10 emerging artists.

SALA 2018 - Bountiful Exhibition

Jul 12, 2018

'Bountiful' is an exciting exhibition featuring 10 emerging artists.

27 July to 16 September, 2018

Open daily 11am to 5pm

Featuring pieces by Cathy JULIEN, Pam CONGDON, Bernadette FREEMAN, Sally GOLDSMITH, Vicki NIESINGH, Mario NIESINGH, Terry PATERSON, Virginia PATERSON, Felicity GRINSTED, David BROWN

A 'Bountiful' harvest is abundant reaping in both our physical and spiritual worlds, following much preparation, sowing and tending.  The group is an eclectic mix of ten emerging artists whose use of mixed media includes sculpture, printmaking, painting, ceramics and jewellery.

Official opening: Saturday 28 July, 3pm - 5pm

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